Autism from A-Z

Autism from A to Z by Kathy Carter has been created for families and professionals, and curates the latest thinking, information and first-person insight regarding autism (also known diagnostically as autism spectrum disorders).

This #actuallyautistic book is a practical guide and information resource collating the most popular articles from the website. celebrates neurodiversity, and the author has extensive experience, both personally, familially, and academically, in the field.

Advance Review Copies will be available to professionals who may like to receive a complimentary copy for review.

Please contact us at to express an interest. We invite contact from educators, counsellors, care staff, those working at local authorities, therapists (e.g. occupational / speech etc), CAMHS teams, representatives of autism and disability charities, as well as autism advocates with an established social media following.

Thereafter the title will be available for general sale via online retailers, and as special order at bricks and mortar book-sellers.