Alfie’s Magic Hat…
Fun at the Zoo

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Sirenia Books is a UK-based publisher with a passion for Good Reads.
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The original children’s story book from this fast-growing UK publisher had its official launch at Little Mouse Bookshop in Maidstone in Feb 2016, and kicked off the innovative series ‘Alfie’s Magic Hat: A Signing Story.’ The first title, ‘Fun At The Zoo’, sees our young hero Alfie explore a day at the zoo, allowing parents and carers to share the joys of reading with their babies and infants, at the same time introducing them to the wonderful world of ‘signing’. Signing, in this case for hearing babies and infants, allows families and carers to communicate with children before speech. This helps aid communication, reduces frustration for all parties and is a wonderful bonding and learning process.

The ‘Alfie’s Magic Hat’ series includes a range of signs that the adult reading the story can teach the child – the signs are on basic, fundamental themes, such as eating, drinking, playing and sleeping. The series is written and illustrated by the experienced creative team, writer Kathy Carter and illustrator Maureen Carter, who both had books published previously before working together on the ‘Alfie’ series.

The latest title, Rusty & Roo Take a Tumble, is illustrated by talented illustrator Faye Hobson.
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