Autism from A-Z

Our new book: Autism from A to Z – is available NOW! Buy from Amazon at this link or search for other online retailers.

Autism from A to Z by Kathy Carter has been created for families and professionals, and curates the latest thinking, information and first-person insight regarding autism spectrum conditions (also known diagnostically as autism spectrum disorders). This #actuallyautistic book is a practical guide and information resource collating the most popular articles from the website. celebrates neurodiversity, and the author has extensive experience, both personally, familially, and academically, in the field.

Reviews for Autism from A to Z:

‘I recommend this book for anyone new to autism. It is a very positive book, which promotes self-care and mutual respect for differing views.’ 

 ‘Autism from A to Z is full of information that people new to the autistic world would find extremely helpful when either discovering themselves, or supporting a loved one or client.

‘Autism A-Z is easy to digest. The content is the most upt o date inclusive of diagnostic changes. Autists, Parents and Professionals will benefit from having a copy.’