Alfie's Magic Hat - baby sign language, signing in a story book for children

Welcome to the blog of Sirenia Books, a new independent publisher. The first series of books from us is entitled ‘Alfie’s Magic Hat’ – if you have fully explored our website, you will know that these are short, illustrated stories for babies and infants that include a range of ‘signs’. These are based on British and American Sign language concepts and feature fundamental themes such as eating, playing and sleeping that the adult reading the story can teach the child. The books,which uniquely feature baby sign language, are perfect for improving communication with a baby or young child.

I often get asked how I came to publish the stories, so this blog post is a good opportunity to explain! Like many great ideas, it was born out of something very simple – writing a children’s story for my son, then 14 months old, whilst on holiday. We began doing baby sign language with him, attending local classes, when he was just under a year old and now he’s over two we can see the positive impact that it has had on his communication.

Sadly there’s little marketing collateral available promoting signing for babies and infants, so I decided to bring my holiday story to life, including signs based on British and American Sign language concepts.

As a published author and professional writer, I decided it was time to set up Sirenia Books alongside my existing marketing and publishing commitments. Seventeen months after its inception, the first book is ready to be taken to market, and we are looking forward to sharing ‘Alfie’s Magic hat: Fun at the zoo’ with our many new and existing friends.