Rusty and Roo


‘Rusty and Roo Take a Tumble’ is a beautiful new children’s story book from Sirenia Books by Kathy Carter, created for pre-school and primary school children. This picture book follows the exploits of a cheeky Shetland and a wise Donkey, named Rusty and Roo.

With illustrations hand-drawn by Faye Hobson, this is the perfect bed time story book to help children develop their language and reading skills, while getting to know and love these amusing characters.

Sirenia Books is committed to providing beautiful, enchanting books that will become firm favourites with children, carers, educators and families alike. The Rusty and Roo series has been created in rhyme, as repetition of rhymes and favourite stories leads to creative thinking, and also the mimicking of adults.

This is a beautifully-produced, engaging book that children and adults will treasure; and with more books in the series planned, families will soon be able to build up their collection. The Rusty and Roo series is available from online retailers world-wide, such as Amazon. Alternatively, please ask your local bricks and mortar book-store or equestrian outlet for a copy. RRP £5.99.