AUTISM FROM A TO Z BY KATHY CARTERAutism from A to Z by Kathy Carter IS now available! The book has been created for families and professionals, and curates the latest thinking, information and first-person insight regarding autism spectrum conditions (also known diagnostically as autism spectrum disorders). This #actuallyautistic book is a practical guide and information resource collating the most popular articles from the website. celebrates neurodiversity, and the author has extensive experience, both personally, familially, and academically, in the field.

Reviews –

‘I recommend this book for anyone new to autism. It is a very positive book, which promotes self-care and mutual respect for differing views.’

 ‘Autism from A to Z is full of information that people new to the autistic world would find extremely helpful when either discovering themselves, or supporting a loved one or client.”

‘Autism A-Z is easy to digest. The content is the most up to date inclusive of diagnostic changes. Autists, Parents and Professionals will benefit from having a copy.’