Alfie’s Magic Hat

Alfie’s Magic Hat’, a children’s baby sign language book, is written by Kathy Carter and illustrated by Maureen Carter. It is an innovative title for babies and infants that includes a range of ‘signs’; these are physical hand-signs based on British Sign Language concepts that the adult reading the story can teach the child – the signs feature basic, fundamental themes such as eating, drinking, playing and sleeping.

This book is a must for anyone who wants to improve communication with a young child or baby pre-speech, reduce infant frustration, and easily introduce signing. Children’s writing capability is based on skills and understanding developed as babies and toddlers (source: Dept of Education). Reading to babies allows parents and carers to create expressions, signs and gestures that babies will grow to understand, and helps with the infant’s personal and emotional development, as well as communication and language skills.

Our hero Alfie has a beautiful, magic hat; when he puts his hat on, Alfie is magically transported to wondrous worlds that the reader can share! This educational, fun book is sure to be treasured and kept for many years. BUY HERE!